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Please excuse any website issues this past week. The company that provides the server hosting for this website has to swap out a server due to hardware issues. The swap should be done by this weekend and hopefully… Read more

Summertime always comes early here in Pensacola, and people are hitting the beaches, going to cookouts, concerts, art galleries, downtown eateries and bars and generally just having a good time. For those who are … Read more

Traffic on Dating Pensacola has been increasing a lot the past few months and there are more success stories that we have received from members who have met and connected here. The most successful are the ones who… Read more

If you are going to take the time to create a profile, spend a bit more time filling it out - the more information you give about yourself, the better chance you will have at getting responses.

The people on… Read more

To take the plunge or not? To reach out, to have a hope? Too many people fear the chance of rejection so much that they refuse to reach out, but the thing they fail to realize is that even if you don't get immedia… Read more